February 02, 2012

She is so proud!

Carley is reading a "Biscuit" book and is very proud of herself. (I'm pretty proud of her too). She has had a desire to read for a long time and unfortunately lost a little confidence in her ability. When she was in school they pushed phonics a lot which ended up hindering her reading as she began sounding out every letter instead of actually reading the word. She became so frustrated and disappointed that she wasn't reading like everyone else. It was heart breaking to watch the sad look on her face and her avoidance of books that she had always loved and enjoyed.
Once I pulled her from public school I stopped all phonics and took the whole language approach. For a couple of weeks I used flash cards with all the words specific to one "Dick and Jane" story. One day I handed her the book and asked her to read me a story. Poor girl had the worst look on her face and then stated to me..."MOM, I can't read!" I told her that she should give it a try and I would help her if she needed it. She said. "OH, ALRIGHT!" She began reading the "Dick and Jane book and after two pages looked up at me with surprise and excitement stating, "I CAN READ!!" "I am so happy!" I was thrilled and relieved that doing this gave her back her confidence and desire to learn to read! She now has a pretty good base of words and I have brought phonics in to play again (mostly blends) and so far she is still reading!

While Carley is reading I do cover up the pictures as sometimes they distract her and to make sure that she reads the actual words in front of her instead of getting the clues from the picture. A couple of times she gets in a rhythm of the story and she goes back to double check the words she read. :-)

January 14, 2012

Because a couple of someones with Down Syndrome love me.............

I have had people say to me, “It takes someone special to raise a child with SN,” or “I have earned my place in heaven for rescuing and adopting Macey.”  I have even heard, “Wow you must be an angel to raise two special needs children and/or starting a support group.” etc..etc…

While I would love to relish in the compliments and take credit for being all that and a bag of potato chips too……..The reality and humble truth of the matter is that I am not special in any way.  But because of them I want to be a better person. Plus I’m pretty sure they have been teaching me more than I have been teaching them.        

You see before they came along I was probably more self-centered, striving to get ahead, you know getting to that 
perfect "status quo," lusting after material items in order to be happy.  I probably even had too much vanity and pride.  Yes people it is true I'm not special just merely human in all of its worldly ugliness. 
So far the girls have taught me what I’d  once perceived to be important in life wasn’t that important.  They taught me how to appreciate the smaller things in life and how much more rewarding and important they were.  They taught me about simple joys and laughter and even that it is okay not to be perfect according to the world.  They continue to teach me what unconditional love and forgiveness really means!  I say it this way because I still struggle to apply the unconditional love and forgiveness in every situation like I should.  Remind me to share the lesson taught to me not so long ago about a little girl and her scooter.  There have been times when I have gotten the opportunity to see something through their eyes that puts me in complete awe of the view.  I will admit the lessons aren’t always pretty,  some have been humbling, some even heart breaking while others have filled me with unexplainable joy and excitement.   

Several years ago my life suddenly took a different path because of that path I am slowly growing into a better person. (I hope)  If time was turned back and I given the chance to pick a different path I would still choose to follow these girls down this same path but I might try to avoid a few stumbling stones that were unavoidable! J  Don’t get me wrong I still have feelings of being incapable, unworthy and wonder how in the world did I land this gig.  But I take a little comfort in something I learned in a couple of my bible studies of late….. God doesn’t pick the most capable, willing or highest of men to serve.  He chooses those who are unlikely, unwanted, unwilling at first and even a little less worthy who learn and become good servants in his eyes.  Unfortunately the exact scriptures escape me but the meaning pointed out during these studies stick with me.    

My life isn't always joyful, easy or pleasant and it can be exhausting.  Thoughts of worry, fear and sadness can creep in unexpectedly but when I pause to push those things away I am quickly filled with The joy of my girls, how they make me proud, laugh and smile.  How they persevere in the hardest of tasks without giving up and often with a smile......... They make me a better person and for this I am not special I am blessed!

I look forward to following them as they grow!

We have been blessed in our travels meeting people and making new friends that we might otherwise not had the opportunity to meet!   I can't wait to see where our path leads next and who we might meet along the way!

August 17, 2011

4 Years Ago Today!

If you would have asked me years ago if I ever planned to leave the country my answer probably would have been, "No, I really don't have any desire to leave the country."(I didn't even own a passport!)  If you would have asked me years ago if I would go to another country to adopt a child..... I probably would have looked at you as if you were a total loone!(Because there were lots of USA children!) 

Now that just goes to show you that once can plan and have their own ideas in life but if it isn't your intended path God is going to make sure he puts plenty of people, speed bumps and curves along your road just to get your attention!  Isn't that right Donna,  Shelly,  Beth & Andrea @ Reeces Rainbow?   I am thankful that they stepped into my speeding lane to slow me down and point me in a different direction!   

It is hard for me to believe that Macey has only been with us 4 years instead of her entire
life!  Looking back at the pictures from our first meeting and now it always surprises me how little she was and how much she has grown in those 4 short years.  We have been through a lot in our 4 short years togehter......and if given another chance in picking which lane I would take again.......I would drive full speed ahead right to the Neon Macey sign again and again!!

  Four years ago....


Riding a butterfly!
Mommy's little butterfly girls...

Modeling one of our Jellyfish......

No daddy!!!...(note spoon in dads hand!)
She always changes her mind and gives him a hug and a bite!