February 02, 2012

She is so proud!

Carley is reading a "Biscuit" book and is very proud of herself. (I'm pretty proud of her too). She has had a desire to read for a long time and unfortunately lost a little confidence in her ability. When she was in school they pushed phonics a lot which ended up hindering her reading as she began sounding out every letter instead of actually reading the word. She became so frustrated and disappointed that she wasn't reading like everyone else. It was heart breaking to watch the sad look on her face and her avoidance of books that she had always loved and enjoyed.
Once I pulled her from public school I stopped all phonics and took the whole language approach. For a couple of weeks I used flash cards with all the words specific to one "Dick and Jane" story. One day I handed her the book and asked her to read me a story. Poor girl had the worst look on her face and then stated to me..."MOM, I can't read!" I told her that she should give it a try and I would help her if she needed it. She said. "OH, ALRIGHT!" She began reading the "Dick and Jane book and after two pages looked up at me with surprise and excitement stating, "I CAN READ!!" "I am so happy!" I was thrilled and relieved that doing this gave her back her confidence and desire to learn to read! She now has a pretty good base of words and I have brought phonics in to play again (mostly blends) and so far she is still reading!

While Carley is reading I do cover up the pictures as sometimes they distract her and to make sure that she reads the actual words in front of her instead of getting the clues from the picture. A couple of times she gets in a rhythm of the story and she goes back to double check the words she read. :-)

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